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About Watchstrapheaven

I got fascinated by watches pretty early in my life when I inherited an old Lanco pocket watch from my late father. I was around 3 at that time. I still remember the fascination and the ticking that never tires.. This same Lanco has brought me to my first watch forum in 2009. I just wanted to know the age of the watch and maybe a bit of general info. I didn`t know what the registration would trigger :) And here I am, years later. Thousands of posts on the forums, dozens of flipped watches and uncountable amounts of straps. It took many tries to find a good strap, to find that feeling of lightness on my wrist. Because a watch will only fit your wrist with an excellent strap - and WatchStrapHeaven is about this. I have prepared a selection of straps and designs that I became fond of over the years. They will carry your watch through the day like it is not even there. All straps are 100% hand made. I am not using any electrical machines to complete the straps, just the good old hands and fingers :)
I am selecting the materials carefully and most of them are being produced in Europe or the USA. The Horween leather is obviously from Chicago and the Vintage and Suede series are made of the finest leathers made in the UK, Italy and my native Slovakia.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me and we can discuss them.
I hope you will find the right strap for your watch here..
Best regards, Jan